Today I did not do too much as I was struggling with irregularity. After taking two bottles of magnesium citrate 2 hours apart and nothing happening by an hour after the second bottle, I called the VA advice nurse. A message was taken, and I was told the advice nurse would call me. I still have not heard from the nurse three hours later, but the medication finally did its job and relieved the problem.

San Luis Obispo County reported four new cases of COVID-19 today, bringing the county’s total to 263 confirmed cases as of May 26.

Three people are hospitalized, including two patients who are in the ICU. Twenty-five people are recovering at home and 234 people have recovered. San Luis Obispo County has had one death attributed to COVID-19.

The health department reports that a total of 9,924 coronavirus tests have been conducted so far at both the public health lab and at private labs. Two free coronavirus testing clinics are open in San Luis Obispo County — in Grover Beach and Paso Robles. Appointments are required. To make an appointment, visit https://lhi.care/covidtesting or call 1-888-634-1123.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom says barbershops and hair salons can reopen immediately in counties that have been cleared to move faster on lifting coronavirus restrictions.

The governor’s announcement Tuesday is part of an ongoing relaxation of orders intended to help prevent spread of COVID-19.

The state’s guidelines say customers and workers in barbershops and salons must wear face coverings during hair-cutting and other close-contact services.

Forty-seven of California’s 58 counties have been granted variances to state orders that allow them to move faster on reopening. Los Angeles County and San Francisco Bay Area counties are not among them.

San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara counties are included on the list of 47 counties that can move forward.

However, a Santa Barbara County spokesperson said businesses can not reopen until the current Health Officer Order is modified. That order is reportedly being revised and is expected to be reissued soon.

San Luis Obispo County is also expected to release more information about how businesses may proceed later Today.

In expanding reopening to barbershops and hair salons, Newsom cited the extent of testing capability and stability in the rate of positive cases.

But after a long holiday weekend that saw many people out and about, the governor urged a sober recognition that the pandemic is not over and to continue measures such as social distancing and covering faces.

“We still have a long way of going to get where we need to be, which is immunity and a vaccine,” he said.

For most people, the new coronavirus causes mild or moderate symptoms, such as fever and cough that clear up in two to three weeks. For some, especially older adults, and people with existing health problems, it can cause more severe illness, including pneumonia, and death.

Two days after President Trump declared churches to be essential and that governors must allow them to re-open, the Chicago Public Health sent a letter to Elim Pentecostal Church and other churches in the city threatening them with closure and “summary abatement” if they don’t immediately cease defying state stay-at-home orders and stop having services.

Elim Pentecostal Church has been at the forefront of the debate in Illinois surrounding the churches’ right to have services amid the pandemic. Their recent re-opening has drawn the mayor’s ire and has resulted in them being targeted. So far police have given citations, fines, blocked off entrances to their parking lot, blanketed nine blocks around the church with no-parking signs in an attempt to get the church to stop gathering, and now are escalating with the threat of destruction to their property usually reserved for dilapidated builds and crack houses.

The letter sent by Chicago Public Health chides the church for failing to abide by the executive orders, reiterated their power to close a business or declare a place off-limits and declares, “As the Health Commissioner, I have the power and duty “to cause all nuisances affecting the health of the public to be abated with all reasonable promptness,” and general police powers “to correct, by whatever means are necessary, any health hazard that presents an immediate risk to the life or health of one or more citizens of the City of Chicago.”

“…Please be advised, any continued operation of 4850 N. Bernard Street in defiance of my directive and the Executive Order is hereby declared a public health nuisance. Pursuant to the Municipal Code of Chicago, I am authorized to seek to enjoin such nuisance or to cause the same to be summarily abated in such manner as I may direct pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Code.”

After ordering them to close immediately, the letter closes with, “Any future gatherings conducted contrary to the Order will be considered a failure to abate and the City will take steps necessary to abate, including Summary Abatement.”

According to the Illinois Supreme Court, “summary abatement” is defined as to “put down or destroy without process,” meaning the Health Inspector can use his own judgment and discretion to destroy the property if needed, in the name of public health, though the next step before that would likely be putting chains on the building doors or posting police outside the building to prevent entry.

The Romanian Pastors who received the letter, after previously being fined and given disorderly conduct citations, are defiant in the face of the threat of destruction.

“For me, the way the letter is written, it is a lot of gibberish,” Cristian Ionescu, Elim Romanian’s pastor said. “I have no idea what they plan to do next. But it does not matter. I will not be discouraged and still plan to host services Sunday.” 

Both the mayor of Chicago and the governor of Illinois are democrats.

Meanwhile the mayor and governor have been attacking churches and the practice of their First Amendment rights, there have been at least nine people shot dead and 27 others wounded, Chicago faced its bloodiest Memorial Day weekend since 2015 by Monday morning.

Despite the state’s coronavirus stay-at-home order, as of early Monday the weekend’s death toll had already surpassed last Memorial Day weekend when seven people were killed, and 34 others injured. In 2015, 12 people were killed over the holiday weekend, according to the Chicago Sun-Times’ reporting.

In 2018, seven people died by gunfire over Memorial Day weekend and in 2017 and 2016, six people were killed each year, according to the reports.

Among the victims this year: 16-year-old Darnell Fisher, who was walking down the street when a man approached him and fired multiple shots. He died in the hospital, investigators said. At least two other 15-year-olds were injured by gunfire in separate incidents.

Chicago police had increased patrols and community organizations deployed mediators to neighborhood “hot spots” to try stemming gun violence over the holiday weekend when it typically spikes. But, with one day to go, this weekend already reached a five-year high.

Last weekend, six people were killed, and 32 others wounded by gun violence throughout Chicago. It appears that the mayor and governor are more interested in blocking churches from meeting than stopping gun violence.

His Church pastor, Brian Gibson, points out Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s “double standard” for getting a haircut, but then using government force to block church parking lots and fine congregations: “There’s a ruling caste and you are peasants,” the pastor characterized her actions.

“This is a refugee population that came here from a totalitarian government, had no religious liberties … and what do they find when they get in Chicago?” Gibson added. “They find thuggery, they shut down the streets around their church. These people are harassed … It is un-American. It is unacceptable. This is not Romania. This is not China … This is America.

“So, I go to stand with them for the First Amendment and stand for religious freedom and stand with my brothers and sisters in Christ.”

Mat Staver, Liberty Counsel founder and chairman representing Elim and Logos Baptist Ministries, also slammed the governor and mayor’s actions as being “reminiscent of mob-like thuggery.”

“The outrageous action by Mayor Lori Lightfoot is putting people in danger,” Staver said in a statement. “These heavy-handed tactics are unconstitutional and will not succeed.”

Judah sweeps the sidewalks before church.

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