Today I did not take Penny to her usual place to run. We went down to the beach north of Morro Rock. It was deserted and foggy. Other than that, I mostly just stayed at home. This stay at home order does change my daily routine significantly except for not being able to attend church in person. I signed up for free virus testing. It was an extended process to get through their online registration

The county reported eight new COVID-19 cases today, bringing the total up to 196 confirmed cases.  There is currently no information on whether the increase in positive tests is from the spread of the virus or the increased testing.  County Public Health Department data show 39 patients are recovering at home, and seven are in the hospital, three of whom are in the intensive care unit. Officials stated 76 percent of patients in the county have fully recovered. The county has reported one death related to the coronavirus. Statistics from the public health department also show 83 of those cases are in individuals between 18-49 years of age; 56 are in people between 50-64 years of age; 43 are in those 65 years old or older, and 14 are in minors. The Public health department indicated it had conducted 1,459 tests, while private labs have conducted 1,679. They are reporting nearly 80 percent of patients have fully recovered from the virus. County Public Health Department began registration today for free coronavirus testing for the week of May 4-8, with centers in Paso Robles and Grover Beach. Health officials say they are unable to take walk-up appointments. To register for testing, go to https://www.emergencyslo.org/en/state-sponsored-testing-sites.aspx#How-Will-I-Receive-My-Test-Results and follow the instructions on the website.

I am not sure how useful the lockdown has been or if it has been worth the cost it is having on people’s lives. I do know the damage the lockdown has caused in people’s lives. I have talked to people that have lost their job and are in fear of being evicted or vehicle repossession. I have also spoken to several business owners that say they are going to have to shutter their business because of the lockdown. The longer the shutdown goes, the more people’s lives will be damaged or destroyed.

While if you look at the raw numbers, the results of the pandemic appear horrible. However, if you look at the numbers considering the number of people involved, the results support loosening the lockdown. In this county, if you compare the number of deaths to the number of COVID-19 known cases, and studies are showing that many more people have had the virus without knowing, the death rate of those who have contracted the virus is 0.005 percent. If you look at the number of positive cases in San Luis Obispo county compared to the population of the county, only 0.00006 percent of the population has contracted the virus. In this county, since tracking started, there have been more deaths from traffic accidents than from the coronavirus. On a national level, the number of deaths from those testing positive for the virus is 0.06 percent. The percent of the U.S. population testing positive for the virus is 0.003 percent and, the rate of the population that has died due to COVID-19 is 0.0002 percent.

Are the percentages due to the shutdown? Sweden, a country that has not had a lockdown for the COVID-19 virus, is somewhere in the European middle when it comes to deaths per capita. They are outliers in terms of their policy, but not in terms of outcomes. How effective would have been no stay at home order and heavy pushing and information to the public on social distancing, hygiene, and the use of face coverings? The longer the lockdown goes on, the higher the cost will be to pay for steps that have taken to reduce the impact of stay at home orders. The most significant impact will be on the young who will be paying for decades to come of the money already spent and the damage to the economy.

I am concerned that the protests that have been occurring over the stay at home orders are increasing. If the lockdown continues and more and more people see their lives severely impacted or destroyed, the number of protests will increase, and the injuries, deaths, and violence may also increase. Already, Modoc County is ignoring the stay at home orders. Other counties are failing to enforce State rules. Will the cost of the shutdown be worth any benefits it may achieve?

My opinion is the lockdown should be removed, with a hefty push to educate people of the benefits to social distancing, frequent hand washing (especially after being in a public place), regular environmental cleaning, staying at home if they are sick, and wearing a face-covering when in a public place. It is essential to let people know that following these steps will reduce their risk of contracting the COVID-19 virus and that it will help prevent the spread of the virus to others.

The beach north of Morro Rock was almost deserted at 2 pm today and foggy.

A body of water

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I am not sure how effect it has been to close the beach parking lots to insure social distancing. It looks like all that has happen is parking has moved to a new location with no social distancing.

A car parked in a parking lot

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