Today the county reported three new confirmed cases of COVID-19 bringing the total number of cases in the county to 169. Health officials state Four people are currently hospitalized and on a positive note there are no longer any patients in the ICU. Thirty-eight people are recovering at home while 126 people have recovered. The county has had had one death from the coronavirus.

“Boss Hogg”

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I interviewed a Cuesta College student known to his friends as “Boss Hogg” about the impact of the COVID 19 virus. Here are his responses

What has been positive for you about this stay at home because of the COVID-19 virus?

The lock down due to the COVID-19 virus has many positives and negatives. The most positive impact it has had on me is providing time to slow down and re-evaluate my life and how I am directing my energy and attention. Being a college student who is working 3 part time jobs I am always going. Slowing down is allowing me to evaluate why I am working the jobs I am working and seeing if there are jobs that would help me with my school.

What have you struggled with the stay at home order?

Having orders to stay at home have made life difficult. I went from a life of always moving and working to sitting at home doing minor house projects. At first it was nice to slow down and kick things into low but now we are in week 6 and it has gone long enough. Most people I interact with at work and at the store think that this is mostly political, and I agree. Not being allowed to visit my friends and church family has made me more aggravated. I watch people going to the donut store and the liquor store to buy donuts which are obviously a “necessity,” yet I can’t participate in religious services because government says, “it is not a necessity.” Total bias.

How has it impacted your job and/or school?

Work hours have been cut quite severely. They took me from about 25 hours a week at one job and put me at 10 hours a week. My other jobs have been totally cancelled. This is definitely becoming a financial struggle. School is all online which is not ideal. Instead of asking the teacher for help and getting a live answer, now you have to transcribe it into an email and send it, Wait for a response, and then try and understand what he is explaining.

What do you think officials have done well with dealing with the virus situation?

 Officials have taken it seriously. I appreciate that the officials in our county have been hesitant to go full lockdown. They are allowing us to exercise and work some jobs. And go to the store.

What do you think officials have not done so well with dealing with the virus situation?

Officials have run with a fear. Instead of suggesting that we stay at home they demand it. Instead of fairly and logically deciding what businesses to close they appear to pick based on politics. They have closed down every small business and church but are allowing fast food and liquor stores to stay open. I can walk to the donut store that only sells donuts and coffee but I can’t go to church without threat of being ticketed or arrested. As we get further along they are “ allowing” us to do jobs like landscape and housecleaning for others but we still can’t go to church, even if it is outdoors. People are getting fed up with the whole thing and officials are clueless or just don’t care. As far as law enforcement officials, we are seeing their true colors. There have been incidents where the police have ticketed cars parked at a church with their windows up because they weren’t “allowed” to be there. Another example was a Texas pastor that was arrested for holding a church service. The fact that it is unlawful and very unconstitutional laws are being enacted and that the chiefs and officers are enforcing them is evidence that law enforcement will do whatever their superiors tell them, even if it is unlawful.

What do you think the long term effect the virus will have on our society?

I am predicting that the long term effects could go one of two ways. Either everyone is going to see how government over stepped their boundary and how few people died and not take the next emergency seriously or they will already be used to getting told how to live their lives and be more willing to give up their freedoms in the name of “safety.” As far as the youth go, I know that the majority of youth don’t follow the lockdown. They still go to friend’s houses and party and watch movies. If there is another state of emergency young people will be even more hesitant to submit. Many have expressed to me personally that they are willing to go to violence to prevent another lockdown. These are not conservatives. These are young people at work who have no conservative view points and people I talk to while hiking or cycling.

Cigarettes stores are open during stay in place order even though health officials have repeatedly warned that smoking exasperate the severity of the effects on those who contract the COVID-19 virus. They also list practice of one’s religion a non-essential service.

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