Today I did my weekly grocery shopping for the upcoming week. I try to avoid going to the grocery store more than once a week now. I am hoping in the next couple of weeks to get out to the Carrizo Plains and do some photography. All of the established campgrounds are close but you are able to do dispersed camping.

The county reported 14 new coronavirus cases today. This was the most cases in one day since the first case was reported on March 14. This brings the total cases that have been reported in the county to 163. County Health Officer Dr. Penny Borenstein said she was not overly concerned with this jump, as one of the hallmarks of the county’s response has been contact tracing and 13 of the new cases had close contact with someone who was known to be positive for COVID-19, such as someone in their household or a close partner. Of the 163 cases, three patients are currently hospitalized, including one person who is in the ICU. Health officials say 40 people are recovering at home and 119 people are recovered. San Luis Obispo County has had one death from COVID-19.

A Today Show  reporter on Thursday incorrectly reported that San Luis Obispo County plans to end shelter at home rules for dine-in restaurants on May 1. In addition, the reporter said other types of businesses were also set to reopen next month. “With a low number of cases and testing capabilities in place, San Luis Obispo County says some businesses will be free to open May 1, including dine-in restaurants,” NBC’s Miguel Almaguer said on the Today Show. This was quickly refuted by county officials. The county will allow houses of worship to hold drive-in services, as long as people remain in their cars. Janitorial services can operate, with workers wearing masks. Retail store that sell fabric and drive in theaters can resume normal operations, as long as county safety requirements are followed. This is scheduled to start May 1.

It was reported yesterday by California Men’s Colony that a staff member has tested positive for COVID-19. This evening they reported that a third inmate tested positive for the virus bringing the total positive cases at the facility.

With the rain this month and now the warmer weather the vegetation where I take Penny to run has really started to grow.

A dog that is standing in the grass

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I hope either next week or the week after to go out to Carrizo Plains and take pictures of the bloom that is occurring out there. Here is a sunrise from there.

A sunset in the background

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I am a retired disabled veteran and am actively involved with a Baptist Church on the Central Coast of CA. I am a photographer who likes to shoot portraits and scenic photographs.

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