Today there was nothing out of the ordinary, I just took Penny for her run and did stuff around here. I did get permission from the California Conservation Corp to do a more in depth report on their seedling program. One of the things I struggle with during this time of stay at home is balancing different passages in the Bible about church attendance such as Hebrews 10:25 and verses about obedience to government such as Romans 13:1-3. For me the lack of physical attendance at church has not helped in this time of crisis. Church is a very important part of my life.

The county reported seven new cases of COVID-19 on Thursday, bringing the total to 149. According to health officials, one person remains hospitalized in the ICU, 28 people are recovering at home, 119 people are recovered, and there has been one death from COVID-19.

An old building that has fallen into disrepair and lack of use near where I take Penny to run.

A close up of a house

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This is a farm by Hwy. 1 on the way to where I take Penny to run.

The side of a mountain

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Penny relaxing at home during the stay at home order.

A brown and white dog

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Published by mpfitch

I am a retired disabled veteran and am actively involved with a Baptist Church on the Central Coast of CA. I am a photographer who likes to shoot portraits and scenic photographs.

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