My new tire came in so I got it put on and then did my shopping for the week. When I was out I noticed that tobacco and vape stores were open. I find it interesting that they are considered an essential service even thought there have been numerous reports that smoking increases the severity of COVID-19 symptoms. I also saw that a tattoo parlor was open. I don’t know how that can be an essential service. Beach parking lots are close but people still can go down to the beach.  

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Two additional COVID-19 cases were reported Friday in the county bringing the total number to 127. With close to 290,000 residents in the county and 127 confirmed cases that means a less than 0.01% rate of people contracting the virus. After rising for the first three weeks since the first case was confirmed (Week 1: average 2.9 new cases a day, Week 2: average 5.6 new cases a day, Week 3: average 4.9 new cases a day) the rate of new cases in the county has slowed over the last two weeks (Week 4: average 2 new cases a day and Week 5: average 2.9 new cases a day). County residents will be continuing to shelter at home until at least the middle of May. Today is the second 14-day review of the county emergency order to have taken place. It’s still unknown when the order will be lifted. County Emergency Services Director Wade Horton said in a press release, “With our order in place concurrent with the State’s order, we still have some local control. Our goal is to be ready when the Governor lifts the State’s Order and transitions all authority back to local officials over what we can do. If we lift our order, we are completely under the State’s authority.”

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I am a retired disabled veteran and am actively involved with a Baptist Church on the Central Coast of CA. I am a photographer who likes to shoot portraits and scenic photographs.

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