Today I took Penny for her run and was joined by two other church members who also played with Penny. We maintained social distancing and had a nice visit. It allowed us all an escape from isolation as all three of us live alone. In the evening I watched the video of the Wednesday night Bible study for the church I attend. Here is a picture of one of the other people who came out to get out of the house.

Here is a picture of Penny at the place I take her for her runs.

There is still no timeline for when shelter-at-home orders will be lifted or non-essential businesses allowed to re-open. However, County Public Health Officer Penny Borenstein on Wednesday said she is “very pleased to see the numbers that we’re seeing not go up substantially.”

The county reported four additional COVID-19 cases Wednesday, which raises the total number of positive cases in the county to 124. Eighty five percent or 104 cases have completely recovered, 16 are recovering at home, three remain hospitalized with two of them being in the ICU. There has been one death.

Published by mpfitch

I am a retired disabled veteran and am actively involved with a Baptist Church on the Central Coast of CA. I am a photographer who likes to shoot portraits and scenic photographs.

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